We are backed by our renowned and award winning Technical Development Department in Japan and strong presence of Technical & Customer Service Support Section based in Singapore.

お客様のニーズに応える優れた技術や信頼性の高い商品創造のためには、〈モノ をつなぐ〉という接合技術の 原点に立った真理の探究が必要です。そのため、私達はアーク現象・溶融現象の研究、原材料の研究、システム 制御の研究などを通じて得た成果を、溶接材料・溶接施工法、溶接システムといった広い溶接技術分野で総合的 に生かした商品開発を行っております。

神戸製鋼の技術開発力・商品開発力のポテンシャルの高さをこれからも発揮し、21世紀も広く世界のお客様の 期待に応える技術・商品・そして真の価値を創造して参ります。

Effort to clarify the fundamental principle of welding by getting back to the initial point of technology for "bonding things" are essential to the production of new products and the development of new technologies that meet the needs of customers. Kobe Steel has been developing new products of welding materials, welding processes, welding systems and etc. putting together the research results in the wide range of the welding technologies through the study of the physical properties of the arc phenomenon, the melting and solidifying phenomenon and the welded metals, and also the study of raw materials and the system control technology.

Kobe Steel will create the true valued technologies and products, which fulfill the demands of customers all over the world towards the 21st century by utilizing the high potential of the researsh and development ability.

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